Area IV Envirothon

An Outdoor, Academic, Environmental Competition for High School Students

Grievance Policy

During the course of the competition, an event may occur that gives one team an unfair advantage over another. These may be, but are not limited to, exchanging information in transit between stations, not enough references, materials at a site, etc.

If the team advisor feels that someone or something has created an unfair advantage over his/her team, (s)he needs to approach the grievance committee stationed near the scoring area. There, the team advisor will complete a written grievance form and the form shall be handed directly to a member of the grievance committee.

Grievances shall be filed only by team advisors, and must be filed before the final test session on the day of the competition.


Official Grievance Form (pdf)



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The Ohio Area 4 Envirothon is a competitive, academic, outdoor team event for high school students which tests their knowledge in five areas:  Aquatic Ecology, Current Environmental Issues (CEI), Forestry, Soils and Wildlife.  The event is designed to stimulate and reinforce the students interest in our environment and our natural resources while encouraging cooperative decision making, team building, and problem solving. 

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