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2024 Winners of the Area IV Envirothon
1st West Jefferson 1

1st West Jefferson 1

2nd Sycamore 1

2nd Sycamore 1

3rd Beavercreek 2

3rd Beavercreek 2

4th Sycamore 2

4th Sycamore 2


2024 Area IV Envirothon

Scores pdf
2024 Winners

1st place- West Jefferson #1

(blue shirts) 

  • charlie kitchen

  • mathew chmil

  • Brent Gardner

  • katey stephens 

  • Charles Stephens


2nd place - Sycamore  #1

(red shirts) 

  • Rashmi Singh

  • Hannah Alex 

  • abigail Rubinstein

  • Josiah Immanuel Rajasingh

  • claire jensen

3rd place  -Beavercreek #2

(green shirts)

reese nelson

sam morgan

benedict le

akash sinha

4th place - sycamore 2

(maroon shirts)

  • emily ploscowe

  • stella minton

  • anna schlangen mendez

  • Cami Esquivel Cerrillo

  • Celia Shafer

2023 Area IV Envirothon

Scores pdf
2023 Winners

1st West Jefferson

Brent Gardner, Charles Stephens, Mathew Chmil

2nd Centerville #1

Lucian Pitman, Maddie Mercuri, Grant Wilder, Caitlin McMann, Kimberly Tomb

3rd Centerville #3

Sara Myers, Ella Stevens, Emily Perez, Stella Kurtz, Kayla Barnes

4th Milton Union

Ciara Gedeon, Lance Korte, Keira Trimbach, Connor Eblin

2021 Area IV Envirothon

Miami Valley Career Technology Center.

Pictured left to right are Emma Hoening, Heidi Allan, Hannah Smith, Layla Hatfield and Kevin Newman. Their advisor is Mr. Joe Beringer.

area iv winner ctc 2021.jpg
2019 State Envirothon 

Congratulations to Area 4 team Centerville for coming in first place at the Ohio Envirothon. These students will represent Ohio in the national contest. Congratulations Centerville #1

Photos from the state competition can be found at

2019 Area IV Envirothon Results

Caesar Ford Park, Greene Co. Parks and Trails

April 30, 2019

Congratulations on a great contest among the teams whom competed in 2019! Thank you to Greene Co. Parks and Trails for the use of Caesar Ford Park in Greene County.

2019 Scores

*Tiebreaker determined for forestry

2018 Scores

*Tiebreakers determined for soils then forestry

2017 Scores (pdf)

*Tiebreakers determined for Forestry, CEI & Soils


2016 Scores (pdf)

Several scores were tied and so predetermined tiebreakers were used:

  • #1 Forestry

  • #2 Wildlife


2015 Scores (pdf)


Photos of the Events

2019 Photos

2018 Photos

2017 Photos



Congratulations to the top four teams who progress onto the State Envirothon Competition in June!


1st place

Centerville #1

Montgomery County
Robert Erwin (Advisor), 

Team #1:  Skylar Asbury, Bryn Fultz, John Siskaninetz, Andrea Reed, and Morgan Porrett


2nd place

Centerville #2

Montgomery County

Robert Erwin (Advisor), 

Team #1:  Savannah Poley, Grant Mitrovich, Mackenzie King, Kierra Leonard and Grace Takahashi


3rd place

Franklin #1

Warren County

Paul Ostermann and Cindy Kuntzman (Advisors)

Team #3:  Corbon Moss, Robert Lipps, Sam Faulkner, Sierra Makley and Andy Kuntzman


4th place

Lehman Catholic #1

Shelby County

Tracy Hall (Advisor)

Team #1:  Gabe Knapke, Conner Stewart, Elizabeth Gibson, Mitchell Sollmann and Cole Kramer

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