Past Area IV Envirothon Events


2019 Photos

Photos from the 2018 Area IV Envirothon. Event held at Caesar Ford Park in Greene County
Photos from the Ohio Envirothon
2018 Photos
Photos from the 2018 Area IV Envirothon. Event held at Possum Creek MetroPark in Montgomery County
2017 Photos
Photos from the 2017 Area IV Envirothon. Event held at Fernald Preserve in Hamilton County.
2016 Photos

Photos from the 2016 Area IV Envirothon. Event held at the Chenoweth Trails, Matt Light Foundation.

2018 News Clip from WHIO

2018 News article from Dayton Daily News



A mixture of photos from 2015 and older can be found below.
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The Ohio Area 4 Envirothon is a competitive, academic, outdoor team event for high school students which tests their knowledge in five areas:  Aquatic Ecology, Current Environmental Issues (CEI), Forestry, Soils and Wildlife.  The event is designed to stimulate and reinforce the students interest in our environment and our natural resources while encouraging cooperative decision making, team building, and problem solving. 

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